Selling a home today means much more than sticking a sign in your yard. It means pricing the home at a price that will cause it to sell. You may think your home is better than the 3 bedroom house down the street because your carpet is nicer or you have a concrete drive and they have black top. Maybe your bedrooms are each 6 inches bigger, and yes, people really do say things like that. The truth is that regardless of what your perspective is, it is the buyer’s opinion that matters and no longer yours.

Buyers today are knowledgeable about what is on the market and what the current prices are. They are looking at homes every day and they not only know what they are looking for, but what to expect at a certain price point. They also lack the emotional attachment that you have to your home. If you are serious about selling your home, and not just listing it, look at the list below for a few pointers.

  • Take down the family photos. You want the buyer to picture their belongings in your home and not have to battle with your personal memories for a place there.
  • De-clutter your closets. When shopping for a home buyers want to be able to imagine all their possessions will fit nicely, and if yours don’t the assumption will be that theirs won’t either.
  • Make the yard as appealing as possible. I’m not suggesting you hire a landscaper, but make sure the leaves are raked, the trim is nice, and you have trimmed the shrubbery. Statistics have proven that if the buyer likes the outside then they have a very good chance of liking the inside as well.
  • If an agent calls to show your home you need to leave. When sellers are present they feel as if they are intruding and need to rush out. If you want them to buy your home you need to make it as available as possible.
  • Don’t require your agent to be there for all showings. This limits the time that your home is open to other agents because your agent is working with other clients too. If you require your agent to be present you may be setting yourself up to losing the perfect buyer for your home. (This does not apply to extenuating circumstances.)

If you now feel you are ready to sell your home, and not just list it, begin the process of looking for the right agent to get the job done! Of course, you are welcome to call me so I can show you just how hard I will work to sell your home!


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