Isn’t it Ironic?

I’ve heard that insurance agent’s are always under-insured, mechanic’s have cars that always break down, the roofer’s roof leaks… and so on and so forth. In my case- this is somewhat true as a Realtor. My house is a perpetual project…I’m not sure it will ever be done.

My husband and I purchased a 3200 SF repo about 2 1/2 years go- it was in pretty bad shape. The previous owner (ironically he was a Realtor too) had purchased this home brand new from the builder- moved in and just abused it from the first day- to the last day. We did a month’s – and $25K worth of work just to move in- including a new kitchen- starting from stud walls, 3200 SF of flooring (wood, tile and carpet) about a MILLION SF or paint (or so it seemed), all new fixtures, trim, and the list goes on and on. Then we moved in…and its been an on going process since. Its a fabulous home and I can’t imagine ever leaving- but I am wondering if it will ever be finished!

My husband is quite the amazing handy man- but he owns and operates our property management business too- which is where his talent is mostly utilized. He works on our house when he has time- and energy and I am very grateful for his skills in this area. Its like I married a toolbox…that came with a man! LOL!!

I decided today to redecorate our guest room- so I am plugging along with my area of expertise too. I am hoping to the top of my hopes that THIS year (now) we will do our yard…I know our neighbors must think we are trailer trash that “moved on up” – but its not so. We just have been doing our work behind our front door- instead of out in the world where they can enjoy it. THIS YEAR- the yard!

Sometimes I tour homes that are immaculate and perfect and FINISHED – and I dream a little dream for myself.

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