Killeen Realtors Need to get away somtimes too!

Killeen Texas Real Estate is a thriving market – keeps us REALTORS hopping most of the time! I love the business of helping clients buy and sell homes in the Fort Hood Texas area… but it leaves me needing a recharge sometimes too. This week, my husband Richard and I jetted off to Sin City for a few days of fun, food, gambling and relaxing – it was a BLAST!! We highly recommend this destination for anyone seeking great night life, fabulous shows, amazing shopping, incredible food, and a TON of sights that leave you wishing for more! Las Vegas is a trip that can be customized for just about any budget too – so that makes is perfect for everyone!

Time to get back to work now, back to the business of HOMES FOR SALE IN KILLEEN!! Real Estate in the Fort Hood area is coming back stronger and stronger – and with interest rates at ridiculous LOWS – why not check into it? Let me know how I can assist with your Killeen Real Estate needs – and ready when you are!


Killeen Texas Real Estate – Brrrrr!!

The weather is chilly today in Killeen Texas – we can definitely feel fall in the air now! The holidays are just around the corner – are you thinking of a big Thanksgiving dinner yet? It always amazes me that just when I think the market would slow down for the holiday season – people get busy looking at homes! I love it! It’s always a race to get buyer’s closed in time to bake the turkey for Thanksgiving or put up the tree for Christmas – but we do what we can to make it happen! How exciting it must be to celebrate in a new home with your family and friends during this time of year.

How can I help you with your home buying dreams in the Fort Hood area this season? Killeen Texas Homes for Sale are abundant right now – and buyers are getting great deals and incentives when they negotiate with the help of an experienced Killeen Area Realtor !! Send me your Dream Home Finder  and let’s see how many Fort Hood Homes for Sale match your needs! It’s not too late to move in this month!


Killeen Texas Homes – FREE Market Analysis

Curious to know what your Fort Hood / Killeen area home is worth? Let me check it out for you! The market is ever-changing and it’s always good to stay informed – especially about what is likely to be your largest investment. Killeen Texas homes tend to have a steady value – but don’t you want to know for sure? Even if you are not interested in selling right now – it’s a great idea to have your Killeen Texas home valuated once a year.  You will receive a FREE market analysis when you submit your home’s information through this link – AND everyone who submits a completed form will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate -winner’s choice! Drawing …will be held November 8, 2010 — GOOD LUCK!



FEAR…don’t let it keep you from owning a home!

Say NO to fear


Fear… just a word- but for some of us- it can be our worst enemy too. Fear keeps people from attempting to achieve their dreams, and I have found this to be true when that dream involves checking into purchasing a new home too. In order to make such a large purchase, most people will need to obtain a mortgage loan- which means a phone call (in most cases) to speak with a mortgage consultant about the details. I can’t tell you how many people will call me to schedule a showing on one or more homes- and when I inquire about whether or not they have spoken to a mortgage company about their home loan- they freeze up. Most experienced Realtors – the kind you want to have represent  you in a transaction- will require that you be prequalified before they show any homes to you. I am one of those Reatlors.

What most buyers don’t understand in the beginning is that this very important step is in their best interest as well. Buyers should want to shop in a price range that is comfortable for their budget- and speaking to a mortgage consultant gives them the opportunity to say what monthly payment they would like- and then have a price range calculated for them based on that payment. Or, what if there was some little blemish- or even an error on the buyer’s credit report that could easily be cleared up? A mortgage consultant can assist with these issues as well.  It seems so simple, but some buyers will not take this first step- in fear of rejection.

I say- STAND DOWN YOUR FEARS!!! My most memorable sales -were with buyers who found the courage to call or email me- even starting out by saying “I know I can’t buy a home…. but can you help me?” Some of them- were just wrong and were signing closing papers within the month on their new home! Some started working with a mortgage consultant and within 6-12 months were moving furniture into their own American Dream! When you ask yourself “What’s the WORST thing that could happen if I make this call?” – The reality is that you will find out this; “You can buy a home NOW.” or “You can buy a home in the near future -if you do these things.”  No one is ever told “You will NEVER be able to buy a home.” Why? Because it’s just not true,  anyone who wants to own a home- can do it if they are willing to face their fears.

Owning a home in Killeen Texas is a real possibility for you! Especially if you are in the military and can apply for a VA guaranteed loan. Soldiers stationed at Fort Hood can begin the process of becoming prequalified TODAY by contacting me at (254) 291-6826 or through my website at www.PaulaSOLDit.com

I will put you in contact with a local mortgage consultant who specializes in first time buyers and credit improvement plans so that hopefully sooner than later – you can become a home owner in the Killeen, Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, Nolanville areas surrounding Fort Hood Texas. Homes for sale in the Killeen Texas area are some of the most affordable homes in the Nation – and with buyer incentives here, your out-of-pocket expenses can be as little as $0.

Please shop for all area homes at www.PaulaSOLDit.com and let me know how I can help make your dreams come true.


Are you a busy Mom?


 I have many friends in Killeen Texas Real Estate just like me – always running around trying to take care of business and balance a healthy family too.

I do a lot of shopping online for my family and myself – its just so much easier than trying to find time to run to a bunch of different stores for 100 different things! I love it when my packages show up – its like a little present every time!

I found this GREAT website for kids clothing and accessories – and I get their updates via Facebook. They post pictures of the stuff on sale- and I have to say – its surely not what you will find in Wal-Mart – although its very affordable. I tend to want to purchase unusual and unique items for my kids – and me too!. I found a lot of that here!

Check it out and happy shopping!!



You Don’t Have to Pay Me!

Did you know that when you work with a buyer’s agent you don’t pay them a penny? That’s right. You didn’t read that wrong. You see, in the land of real estate, all commissions are paid by the seller. In no other path in life do you get a fully trained professional to assist you free of charge, or at least free to you.

You will find that in no other endeavor in life, certainly not one as important as this, will you have someone else footing the bill. So make sure you choose an agent that will work diligently for you. You need an agent that will go over all the documents for the transaction with you and explain them. The best agent for you will be easily accessible, be knowledgeable regarding the steps you must take to complete the purchase, be someone you are comfortable spending time with, and always guide you in what the best course of action is. When you work with a professional buyers agent buying your new home can be a true pleasure.


Why Realtors will switch Brokers….right or wrong


I found this blog entry pretty accurate! When I made my move- I actually started my own company…its been great. But as I have always said- if you are unproductive at one company- you will be unproductive anywhere- same goes for success. The change should come because of how much of your money you are able to retain- by negotiating a fair split with your Broker. You have to be willing to find your own business if you are to be successful in Real Estate…you can not just sit back and wait on company leads… thats my opinion and its how I have made it in this business. I am responsible for my business- not my Broker 🙂

Via Patricia Kennedy (Evers & Company Realtors):

Most experienced agents have gotten the call.  You know.  The one from a broker from another firm calling or emailing you to come over and check out how green their grass is – much greener than where you are now.

Sometimes the grass is greener.  Just as often, it probably isn’t.

To stay in business and thrive, a brokerage has to be able to attract new agents, and it’s usually more profitable to try to hire good agents from a competitor than to grow your own. 

It may be flattering to know that you are wanted, but it’s not a reason to make a move.

There are some triggers that make agents stop and ask themselves if their current office is and will continue to be the best place for them to work:

  • Their productivity takes a plunge
  • They have a row with their broker or a colleague in the office
  • Rich guys in New Jersey buy the company
  • The owner of the company fires their manager
  • The brokerage is family owned and the owners become embroiled in a family feud
  • The firm fails financially
  • The owner gets sent to jail
  • Some sweet-talking competing broker does a full court press drive to lure you to his office


Before you start packing up your desk, keep in mind that you need to be making a business decision here.  And unless your broker goes to jail or the company goes bankrupt, the other triggers are not necessarily a good reason to move.  Well, maybe the family feud qualifies as a reason to split.  Happened to me once.

If your productivity has tanked you need to look in a mirror before you search out a new company.  Sometimes a move can give you a boost, but you need to be sure the slowdown isn’t because you have a slothful work ethic.  And patching up a misunderstanding is a lot easier than disrupting your business – unless maybe it’s about your slothful work ethic combined with your disagreeable personality. 

Now, the rich guys from New Jersey just might give your brokerage a shot in the arm.  Or it could be a really awful corporate marriage.  Still, I’d suggest that you give the new owners a chance before you run across town, or even across the street. 

Switching brokerages is a serious step.  Even if you are diligent about contacting your center of influence, you are likely to lose some business.  Moving is distracting and disruptive.

And, yes.  Sometimes it’s really necessary and the best thing for your business.


Selling a home today means much more than sticking a sign in your yard. It means pricing the home at a price that will cause it to sell. You may think your home is better than the 3 bedroom house down the street because your carpet is nicer or you have a concrete drive and they have black top. Maybe your bedrooms are each 6 inches bigger, and yes, people really do say things like that. The truth is that regardless of what your perspective is, it is the buyer’s opinion that matters and no longer yours.

Buyers today are knowledgeable about what is on the market and what the current prices are. They are looking at homes every day and they not only know what they are looking for, but what to expect at a certain price point. They also lack the emotional attachment that you have to your home. If you are serious about selling your home, and not just listing it, look at the list below for a few pointers.

  • Take down the family photos. You want the buyer to picture their belongings in your home and not have to battle with your personal memories for a place there.
  • De-clutter your closets. When shopping for a home buyers want to be able to imagine all their possessions will fit nicely, and if yours don’t the assumption will be that theirs won’t either.
  • Make the yard as appealing as possible. I’m not suggesting you hire a landscaper, but make sure the leaves are raked, the trim is nice, and you have trimmed the shrubbery. Statistics have proven that if the buyer likes the outside then they have a very good chance of liking the inside as well.
  • If an agent calls to show your home you need to leave. When sellers are present they feel as if they are intruding and need to rush out. If you want them to buy your home you need to make it as available as possible.
  • Don’t require your agent to be there for all showings. This limits the time that your home is open to other agents because your agent is working with other clients too. If you require your agent to be present you may be setting yourself up to losing the perfect buyer for your home. (This does not apply to extenuating circumstances.)

If you now feel you are ready to sell your home, and not just list it, begin the process of looking for the right agent to get the job done! Of course, you are welcome to call me so I can show you just how hard I will work to sell your home!


How Serious Are You?

You just found THE perfect house. It has exactly what you have been looking for and is in the neighborhood you have always wanted to live in.

You call the agent and she asks you to make an offer and wants to know how much money you can put down on the property. You have already told her you have $10,000 set aside to cover the down payment and closing costs. Now is the time to decide just how serious you are about buying this home.

You tell the agent you want to offer X number of dollars for the home and that you want to put down $500. She tells you that you should put more money down on the home if you are serious.

Here’s why more money down is better:

  1. You are showing the seller that you are ready right now to buy the home.
  2. More money down with a lower offer is many times more acceptable to agents and sellers because it lets them know you mean business.
  3. It shows you in a more favorable financial light. What this means is that if you have more money down people will assume you have a better chance of your loan going to closing than the other person’s loan.
  4. If the seller gets the same offer with less money down they will probably accept your offer first.
  5. It’s completely refundable if your offer isn’t the accepted offer, so you lose nothing.

So what kind of deposit should you put down? Everyone you know told you $500 was acceptable. In today’s real estate market it’s really not. You should consider putting $5000 down on the home you want. If you need any more reason, just consider how you’ll feel if someone else gets THE home.


New Listing – 5503 Carlee Court in Killeen Texas

Main Photo
$199,900.00 – The Amazing Upgrades Will Leave You Speechless!

Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2
Year Built: 2008
Subdivision: Duran Addition
Lot Size: .2 Acres
Garage Size: 2 Car
School District: Killeen Independent
Square Footage: 2000
Agent Name: Paula Raymond
Broker: Texas Heritage Real Estate
MLS #: 160083
Price: $199,900.00
Additional Pricing Information: Seller can assist buyer with closing costs on an acceptable offer.
5503 Carlee Court
Killeen, TX 76543

Amazing Duran Home tucked away on a corner lot in North Killeen.

ALL of the gorgeous upgrades will leave you speechless!

Granite, stainless appliances and custom cabinets in the roomy kitchen make a chefs dreams come true.

Exquisite tile throughout all living
areas and bathrooms. Upgraded carpeting in all four bedrooms. Windows have custom casings & moldings.

Adorable built in nook at the front entry for coats. Built in sink and prep area on back patio.

All this and more- you must see it to truly appreciate it!

Range/Oven, Dishwasher, Sink Disposal, Free Standing Gas Range, Stainless Steel Appliances, Eat-in Kitchen, Granite Counter Tops, Tile Back Splash, Custom Casings, Custom Molding, Custom Cabinets, Upgraded Bathrooms, Exquisite Tile Floors, Plush, Upgraded Carpet, Leaded Glass Front Door, Impressive Details Throughout, Fenced Yard, Grass Lawn, Outdoor Prep Area, Built In Sink

Paula Raymond
(254) 291-6826

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